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The fitness industry offers a plethora of the best treadmills to choose from, but, how will you know if the treadmill you’ve chosen is the one for you or your facility? With so much at stake, you need to have the surety that your new running partner fits all your needs, whether that’s in your home or facility.

Our background in the fitness industry has allowed us to narrow down a selection of top treadmill brands that will give you the confidence to be the running machine you need to be to reach your goals.

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MATRIX Fitness

Matrix Fitness is a world-renowned brand, offering state-of-the-art treadmills to home joggers and fitness facilities across South Africa.

Major commercial gyms such as Virgin Active and Viva Gym make use of the prestigious ranges of treadmills this cutting edge brand offers.


#3 in top international commercial treadmills.
Cutting-edge technology
Superior performance
Outstanding quality
Beautiful design

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VISION Fitness

Vision Fitness treadmills maximize your time with leading commercial fitness technology.

This leading brand offers entry-level commercial, and high-end home-use treadmills.

Vision Treadmills are perfect for hotels, home gyms and other fitness facilities.


Personalized workouts
Exclusive technology
Long-lasting durability
Superior quality
Stylish design

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Horizon Fitness offers the perfect starter range that meets every runner’s needs and suits any home environment.

One of the more affordable treadmills on the market, it offers superior quality that you wouldn’t generally find in other brands.

Perfect for home and facility use.


Convenient features
Durable components
Premium quality
Ergonomic design
Warranty protection

Features To Consider
When Choosing a Treadmill

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Spacious Running Surface

A wider belt provides an added sense of security and freedom, ensuring you get the best out of your run without anything to fear.
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Virtual Fitness

Virtual fitness features such as smart consoles and intuitive app interfaces create a more refined, exercise-friendly experience while offering you easy access to social media and web content.
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Reputable Manufacturer

Shop some of the best treadmills from a global, reputable manufacturer that not only ensures quality motors, but superior parts surrounding the motor.
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Service and Repairs

Get peace of mind with a treadmill that has a maintenance plan as well as spare part availability. Minimizing downtime and ultimately increasing your running time.

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