Premium Treadmill Brands & Comparisons

Vision T60 Treadmill

  • Model T60
  • Frame Type Heavy gauge welded steel
  • Running Area 160 cm x 51 cm / 63” x 20”
  • Cushioning UltraZone Cushioning System
  • Belt Type 2-ply maintenance-free
  • Deck Thickness 2.5 cm / 1” maintenance-free, reversible
  • Roller Size 76 mm crowned with large O.D. bearings
  • Drive Motor 3.0 hp AC, digital motor controller
  • Speed Range 0.8 – 20 km/h / 0.5 – 12 mph
  • Incline Range 0 to 15%Display 10×14 dot-matrix LED profile display, 19 alphanumeric LEDs with scrolling feedback and HR zone display.
  • Workout Feedback Time, Pace, Incline, Distance, Speed, Level, Calories, METs, Target HR, Actual HR, Profile
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