Select your goals that you would like to achieve and see which treadmill will best assist you in achieving them:

  1. I want to focus on being healthy and start with light jogging or walking this year- Express H100
  2. My main fitness goal for 2020 is to lose weight- Horizon Paragon X or Omega Z
  3. I am training to run my first 5km race- Horizon T101
  4. I am focusing on building endurance to beat my PB- Matrix TF30 or Horizon 7.OAT
  5. Interested in running my first trail run race -Horizon Paragon X


1.Express H100 Treadmill 

Best home treadmill that offers everything you need to get started. And the unique flat-fold design means that it will fit your space easily.

 2.Horizon Omega Z  

Discover pulse-pounding simplicity with exclusive programming that uses your heart rate and colour to keep you motivated to work out.  The Paragon X is also an ideal treadmill for losing weight as it offers Sprint 8 programming. Sprint 8 is a high intensity interval workout that is pre-programmed and only takes 20 minutes to complete. Sprint 8 is focused on burning fat and users have seen up to a 27% body fat reduction in just 8 weeks. Sprint 8 is easy to use and takes away the worry of having to plan an optimal workout yourself.

 3.Horizon T101 Treadmill

A global best-seller, the Horizon T101 treadmill boasts 41 programs, bluetooth integrated speakers and a distance program to help get you running towards your 5km goal.The T101 offers premium Horizon features such as variable response cushioning and feather light folding, making it a good all-round home treadmill option.

 4.Matrix TF30 

The closest to a club-quality treadmill that you will find for your home space, the Matrix TF30 treadmill offers durability and longevity, ideal for endurance training to beat your PB. The XIR console adds to the offering with an array of entertainment options that make an hour run on the treadmill fly by. Catch up on social media, watch your favourite Netflix show or enjoy the Virtual Active routes.

 5.Horizon Paragon X 

For the first time in South Africa, you can run your trail at home. Perfect for trail running training,the Paragon X simulates 10 real trail running competitions and you can choose between running on grass, dirt, gravel or stone.