Treadmill Buying tips/ How to choose the best treadmill:

There are a variety of factors to consider when shopping for a home treadmill.

Firstly, ask yourself which features on a home treadmill are important to you.

As a lot of home treadmills offer a range of features, let’s look at a few treadmill features to consider below:

Treadmill consoles: these are built in screens that provide feedback for your running, whilst some may even provide access to virtual running routes on the treadmill screen itself.

Heart rate monitors: Some home treadmills have built in heart rate monitors on the handles, or are Bluetooth enabled to pair with your heart rate strap/running watch or other tracking device.

Bluetooth connectivity: following on from the above feature, Bluetooth treadmills will allow you to sync your phone, heart rate device or tablet to allow additional features and tracking.

Device holders: Perhaps you enjoy watching a Netflix series or logging into Zwift or Kinomaps during your workout, then home treadmills that offer device holders are essential in making your workout the most comfortable and enjoyable running experience.

Depending on your fitness level, the varying speed and incline levels offered are also an important consideration when shopping home treadmills online.

Save space by buying a compact treadmill that is also a folding home treadmill:

Treadmill Price is another crucial consideration, be sure to select a supplier that includes delivery and assembly. These are great value-ads, as you won’t have to set up a home treadmill yourself.

The bottom line

Treadmills are great fitness running machines for staying fit at home.

There are so many home treadmills types available, consider factors like price, foot-print, training options, and available features before you buy a home treadmill.