What is Sprint 8?

Sprint 8® is a 20 minute HIIT workout that focuses on fat-burning and improving fitness levels.  Sprint 8 workouts provide a complete cardio HIIT workout that include a warm up and cool down in just 20 minutes!

Sprint 8 consists of 8 rounds of 30 seconds high intensity and 90 seconds low intensity and is recommended to be done 3 times a week. That is only 60 minutes of training a week!

Results show that an average body fat loss of 27% can be achieved over an 8 week period by doing Sprint 8 three times a week.*

Which treadmills have Sprint 8 pre-programmed on the console?

Horizon T202, Omega Z and 7.0AT home treadmills are all compatible with the FitDisplay app that allows the user to perform the HIIT workout.

Horizon Paragon X console has Sprint 8 pre-programmed and can be started with a push of a button.

Happy running!